July 23rd, 2012 – The Journey Begins

To set the stage for this story I need to give you some background info. I was raised in Stillwater, MN and would have considered myself a lukewarm Christian. I was confirmed and attended church camps like most of my friends but never understood what it actually meant to have a relationship with Our Savior. My life was consumed by my clothing company and the mission of financial success, life was great and I thought it was perfect. I had no idea I was missing the most important piece. Let the journey begin!

After a night at a festival with my buddy Steven (fake name btw) I noticed that he wasn’t himself and there was something depressing him. I finally got to asking him what was wrong as we pulled into his driveway, we sat for hours as I learned a whole new side to Steven. He spoke of an emptiness he felt that could only be filled by the love of a woman. He also brought to my attention that he believed he was struggling with demonic influence in his life. When he was in college he started seeking the ability to read people’s minds and was an active participant in the trainings and rituals that would lead to it. Steven recalled a time in class when he could hear the thoughts of his classmate to the right and commented on the thoughts he was hearing . The classmate was obviously disturbed considering they have never spoken to each other and the thoughts he was hearing was extremely intimate. Later on, Steven recalls being in the bathroom of a Waffle House looking in the mirror accepting his new gift and everything that comes with it. That was the beginning of his ties with the enemy. Since then, Steven had struggled with strong thoughts of hurting himself and others. Thoughts with the strength that could only come from the demonic.

Trust me, this was by far one of the most disturbing conversations I have every had. I have been terrified of anything demonic, I closed my eyes and plugged my ears during movie previews of “The Exorcist”. This was day one of the most terrifying month of my life. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, without you I would have never made it through the coming trials.

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