August 2nd, 2012 – The Enemy in Action

I hadn’t thought much about my conversation with Steven the week before, I was able to shake the affect it had on me fairly quick. The night of August 2nd started out like any typical night, it all changed with a phone call from my friend Steven at 3am. He called me completely terrified stating that he found himself walking barefoot down the middle of the road with a barbecue poker inhand thinking he was looking for someone to inflict injury upon (Thank you to God’s sovereignty, he kept the neighborhood off the street during those times.). He said his mind was taken over and was being controlled, as he snap out of it he was able to battle the thoughts that were influencing him. My brother and I headed over to Steven’s house and arrived at 5am that morning. We prayed with him realizing that the issues he was dealing with was demonic. As Steven tries to pray, the words don’t come out. He states that his tongue feels as if it is being bound, he is screaming in his head but the prayer doesn’t physically come out. As my brother and I continue to pray for our Lord Jesus Christ’s guidance, Steven’s demeanor and voice changes and under his breath we hear repeatedly… “I’m going to kill you”. Whatever spirit that is afflicting him is angry and showing itself. At this point we realize that we are in over our heads and setup an appointment with a colleague of my brothers that has dealt with this type of ministry. Didn’t sleep too well that night, I couldn’t get that experience out of my head. Little did I know, God was going to use me in a much bigger way. Amen!

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